Prime Group Initiatives


Adopted in 2021, Prime Group’s Environmental, Social and Governance Policy Statement defines Prime Group’s commitment and approach to integrating the consideration of ESG issues into its organizational and operational activities.

Prime’s focus on ESG is predicated on the belief that consideration of these issues makes us a more efficient operator, a more responsive and responsible partner and a better organization overall. In short, we believe that our common sense approach to incorporating ESG is one of the ways we can create value for our stakeholders.


Self storage is environmentally conscious at heart. Instead of discarding rarely used items which could end up in a landfill or buying a bigger home to accommodate the need for more space, self storage by design creates a way for residential and business consumers alike to reduce their own carbon footprint.

As compared to other real estate classes like office, hospitality or residential, self storage generally has significantly less energy consumption and strain on natural resources. Prime Group endeavors to further the sustainability of its storage assets by incorporating environmentally conscious considerations in its operational and investment activities where appropriate. Such endeavors may include:

  • Using energy efficient LED lighting and motion sensors
  • Maximizing native landscaping
  • Standardizing temperature systems in climate controlled buildings
  • Using solar panels in certain locations to offset energy consumption and costs

This commitment is underscored by Prime Group’s Sustainability Policy, which seeks to supplement these practices by shifting organizational behaviors.




At Prime Group, we know that people are our greatest asset and that by investing in our team and the communities we serve, we are positioning ourselves for success.

Prime Group is committed to supporting its employees and the communities in which it operates by providing:

  • Robust employment benefits
  • Ongoing professional development opportunities through Prime University
  • Sponsorship opportunities for community events and charitable matching program through Prime Group Gives
  • Dedicated resources for enhancing company culture and focusing on diversity, equity and inclusion.

Prime Group is committed to supporting volunteerism and local charitable and community organizations. Our program, Prime Group Gives, encourages employees to support local charities and recognizes employees’ charitable efforts in two primary ways: through a charitable matching program and Days Off For Doers.



Prime Group believes that effective corporate governance and holding itself to high ethical standards is critical. That’s why Prime Group has adopted a formal Compliance Program, Investment and Valuation Committees, and robust policies and procedures designed to ensure our team operates in accordance with our standards and expectations.