Our Team

Our company is comprised of exemplary professionals who collaborate to achieve our goals and offering a superior customer experience.

  • 20+ Person Senior Management Team
  • 30+ Person Deal Sourcing Team, with originations professionals located across the U.S. (New York, New Jersey, Virginia, Florida and Colorado)
  • In-house asset management professionals who optimize and manage each asset owned by Prime Group
  • In-house Property Management, Accounting, Construction, Marketing, IT, HR, Training, Compliance and Legal

Our talented team demonstrates the perseverance, grit and passion to see things through, seeking to deliver exceptional results to all of our stakeholders.”

Robert J. Moser, Owner, Principal and CEO

The people at Prime Group are our number one asset. We strive to attract and retain top talent by seeking out innovative thinkers who demonstrate an unwavering dedication to upholding our core values. Every single team member plays a vital role in Prime Group’s success.

When you join our team, you will be provided with a multitude of opportunities that will help you flourish and achieve your highest potential.